Getting started

Want to get a quick start? On this page you will find information, tips and tricks about the most used features of our product. If you are new to RetSoft this will be your guide into using and understanding the basics of RetSoft.

Import your existing folder structure into RetSoft

Learn how to import an existing folder stucture into RetSoft with a few simple steps and improve your search results immediately.

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Scanning with a desktop scanner

One of the most used functions in RetSoft is scanning documents. RetSoft can interact with a wide range of TWAIN compatible scanners so you don’t have to worry about which scanner you can use. 

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Scanning with a MFP

RetSoft offers you the possibility to scan into RetSoft archive from any Multifunctional Printer (MFP) which scan to a network folder. If you have a Sharp or OKI MFP you can also access RetSoft via the display on the MFP.

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Importing files into RetSoft

RetSoft is not only for scanning, you can also import or save digital files to you digital archive. We have several easy way to do this.

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Barcode Separator Sheets

If you have multiple documents you need to scan and you don’t want to start individual scan sessions to scan each separate document you can use our RetSoft Separator Sheets.

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Example archive structures

Based on the experience of our customers in several industries we’ve pre-made some example archive structures for you to download and explore.

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