Version 4.1 Beta

The previous two quarters (2017 Q4 and 2018 Q1) we've been working on integrating RetSoft Pro and Expert into a single codebase. We've nearly completed this massive undertaking and are now in official Beta release!

This beta marks the first time since the creation of the Archive Expert release that RetSoft once again has a single codebase. This is important because it allows our developers to develop new features for both version simultaneous. In previous years new features often had to be developed for the Archive Pro version and then again for the Archive Expert version. By investing six months of development in creating a single product codebase we've eliminated this process of developing, testing and accepting new features twice in the future.

This also means that new versions of Archive Pro and Archive Expert will both be released at the same time from now on. For you, our customer, this means that we plan to release more often and you can expected new features more often.

RetSoft 4.1

This release has a completely new internal architecture. We’ve rebuild the all interactions with database, gave the database structure an upgrade so RetSoft is even faster than before. On the outside you might not notice much difference as we tried to keep the same interface for the time being, we did however update to our new branding style, so some icons have turned orange.

New features

We’ve focused on merging the two versions into a single code bases, so we decided not to over complicate the work by introducing a lot of new features.

  • ‍[ALL] The plugins for Word and Excel are now also available in Office 2010 and Office 2013
  • ‍[ALL] Favorite folder: previously we had a dedicated export button to DropBox. We’ve changed this to a “favorite folder”. Now you have a single click export to a folder you an configure, it can still be DropBox, but may also be OneDrive, Google Drive or a shared folder inside your network. You decide!
  • ‍[Expert/Business+] An ODBC Driver is no longer needed to connect to a MySQL database, we connect to the database directly.

Besides those added features we’ve mostly focused on solving problems and reported bugs.

If you are interested in testing the new 4.1 Beta release for its official release, please contact our Support Team @

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