RetSoft database management platform

RetSoft, the global document solution provider, launches RetSoft Database Manager, a new way to manage and supervise documents in your organization.

Based on the new Database manager-platform RetSoft introduces two new products: RetSoft Business en RetSoft Business+

RetSoft the global document solution provider based in the Netherlands, has launched a new platform: RetSoft Database Manager. With RetSoft Database Manager businesses are able to manage every piece of information within the company centrally controlled with one database. RetSoft will be the central database in your organisation wherein you store and retrieve documents and information. With its rewarded Text and Character Recognition and its multiple interface capabilities through so-called Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) RetSoft makes it possible to manage all your organizational data (documents, drawings, photos etc.) fast, simple and secure.

With Archive Business+ RetSoft has a document storage solution, which is fully compliant with the latest European data privacy legislation ( GDPR). Within the GDPR every company is obliged to log the permittance of personal data which is processed in its organization. With the “audit trail and log” functionality in RetSoft you can meet this requirement. It’s also possible to manage the individual user rights in RetSoft (who is allowed to do what) and to lay down the date of deletion of each document. With the above features business customers of RetSoft will have full control on any piece of data in its document management system.

With Archive Business and Archive Business+ RetSoft meets the latest requirements of small and medium businesses as well as its customers in the public sector. As part of the service, RetSoft provides the Products Business and Business+ with automatic updates and with the support from our professional support desk.

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