Scanning with a MFP

RetSoft offers you the possibility to scan into RetSoft archive from any Multifunctional Printer (MFP) which scan to a network folder. If you have a Sharp or OKI MFP you can also access RetSoft via the display on the MFP.

Scan to Folder

You can configure this in two ways.

  • Configure your MFP to scan to a specific folder on your network. Then also configure this folder as the special ‘inbox’ folder of Retsoft for a user. Please note, every RetSoft user needs to have it’s own unique inbox folder
  • Configure the MFP to scan to a specific folder on your network. Then use ‘FileSync’ from RetSoft to sync that folder into RetSoft.

Sharp Connector

When you have Sharp MFP’s you can also use our OSA connector. This will give you access to RetSoft at the machine via its screen.

You will get a special ‘RetSoft’ button on the start screen. After clicking the RetSoft button you will see the following screen.

Here we ask the user to log into RetSoft using his or her username and password. This way the user can scan directly into folders that are protected by a login system.

After logging into there are several options:

  • Document name – specify which name the document should get
  • Folder – browse the RetSoft Folder structure and choose in which folder the scan should be saved
  • Scan options – choose the quality of the scan and whether you want simplex or duplex scans

This screen is shown if you want to select a different folder that the default Inbox of a user. The user can browse through all available folders in Retsoft that are accessible to the user.

If you are ready, click “scan” to start the scan operation.

When the scan is completed you see the screen above. If anything went wrong, you will get an error message onn your screen.


If you want to try the Sharp OSA connecter, please contact the Support Team, they will guide you through the installation. You can reach them at

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