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Store client cases and have your information wherever you are

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • With RetSoft your company is complaint to the new European privacy regulations (GPDR)

All law firms have to deal with file systems, in which many hard copies and soft copies come together. Many of our customers have told us that they first like to complete their customer cases, before uploading all documents in a central database in the Cloud.

RetSoft Archive has made this possible. You can collect them in your own brown paper file and later on scan all sorts of documents, like certificates, invoices, communication via your own multifunctional printer to RetSoft. Via divider-slides RetSoft will recognise the different files and automatically sort your documents in the right folders. In combination with RetSoft pre-defined folder-structure available on our knowledge-page you have in one click for each client all invoices grouped in the folder invoices, all communication in your communication folder and so on.

Are you more the type of person that want to bring files direct in your filing system? The integration with Microsoft Office offers you this possibility to structure. There is a RetSoft Archive button in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel and by clicking on it you can directly store versions of certificates in the right folder of your RetSoft Archive. It is what you choose. No hassle.

RetSoft Archive is compliant with the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation. RetSoft Archive Business+ can trace any activity in your files and folders. So, when, whom and what. Everything what has happened with files is logged and can be reviewed. For many companies an assurance that they are ready for the future.

Benefits of RetSoft Archive

  • A single secured database for all types of files: scanned documents, Word, Excel, PDF and, or printed documents
  • Easy access to your information and powerful search intelligence to retrieve information. This not only saves time, it also reduces mistakes in work.
  • With predefined rules RetSoft Archive can automatically store your scans and digital received documents in the right folders.
  • Easy storage of e-mail communication with clients.
  • With one mouse click you can send files from your RetSoft Archive via Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Your client can be assured his information is high securely handled by you with RetSoft Archive.
  • With RetSoft Archive Business+ you can set authority levels and decide which file or folder your employees can or cannot view or store.
  • The archive can be viewed on mobile devices from anywhere via secured login.
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