RetSoft helps local doctor practices to cope with the growing administrative burden

  • How doctors reduce their administrative workload with RetSoft
  • Improved privacy of your patient files

Doctors face the difficult task to deliver more and better care with less costs year-after-year. As we all become older the cost for health is under continuous scrutiny of policymakers. RetSoft can help save valuable time of the doctors and their assistants and invest more time in the well-being of their patients.

With the implementation of RetSoft Archive Business or Business+ local doctors can easily build a patients database consisting of all sorts of documents: word, pdf or printed documents.

Doctor van der Plas says: the biggest advantage to our practice centre is the easy in- and out-migration of patient documents. In the old days every new patient was a big administrative burden. It literally took us a couple of hours to get all information of new patients right in our systems. Now it is done within minutes. And with the shadow archive option the hand-over of patient files has also become a piece of cake. With one simple transfer all documents related to this patient can be sent to his new doctor.

The practice centre employees can work more efficient and we can guarantee a better privacy then before. The documents are now stored centrally at one location and the chance to loosing a file is close to zero. To avoid technical failure RetSoft offers its customers the possibility to store data in the cloud, or the customer can run daily backups of the system. Herewith are the risks of loss of information minimized while at the same time privacy is secured.

Doctor van der Plas adds, above all, I love the user-friendliness of RetSoft software. After we reviewed various suppliers, we found RetSoft gave us the best price-quality ratio. We are an active user since 2014 and I have no regret of my choice for RetSoft. The contrary!

Benefits of RetSoft Archive

  • Easy access and straight to the information you are looking for. This does not only saves your practice time, it also reduces mistakes in work and diagnosis
  • Save time in handling of daily mail and e-mails. With predefined rules your scans and digital received documents can automatically being stored in the right folders
  • The information of your patients is highly secured. You can either store this information on your local server or we can store it for you in the Cloud. In both cases the information is ringfenced and only accessible for you, or authorised employees. With our RetSoft Archive Business+ you can set authority levels and decide which file or folder your employees can or cannot view, store, or edit
  • Files can be searched on heading only and also on the full text of every document, regardless if it is Word, PDF, or scanned folder. Forgot where you have put your comments? Locate them via our optical character reading
  • Patient files can be viewed on mobile devices anywhere in the world via secured login
  • RetSoft is compliant to the upcoming European Data Protection Directive (also known as Directive 95/46/EC), when it becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018
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