Financial industry

Fully compliant with all data privacy regulations, now and in the future

  • With RetSoft Archive you can work within the new European privacy regulations (GPDR)
  • One filing system for scanned and digital documents

As a financial services company you face a lot of regulations and this regulation is rapidly changing at the same time. Take for instance the more stringent European privacy regulations, effective as of 25th of May 2018. Are you ready? RetSoft Archive is. RetSoft Archive stores your data, always completely transparent and regardless if it is in the Cloud or on your own premise equipment. RetSoft Archive ensures you(r) secured storage in a fully subscripted environment. With the special Administrator function in our RetSoft Archive Business+ you are able to view all activities that has taken place on the system and with the possibility for a full log of all changes made on the system and by whom.

Benefits of RetSoft Archive

  • One single database for all types of files: scanned documents, Word, Excel, PDF and, or printed documents
  • Fully secured access, when using the on-premise database or in the Hybrid Cloud
  • RetSoft Archive Business+ has sophisticated administrator capabilities. The administrator can manage individual rights what and where to view, store and edit documents
  • Provide metadata to your information and powerful search intelligence to retrieve information quicker. This not only saves time, it also reduces mistakes in work
  • With predefined processing rules RetSoft Archive can automatically store your scans and digital received documents in the correct folders
  • With one mouse click you can email files from RetSoft Archive via Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Your client can be assured his information is safe with you
  • In RetSoft Archive Business+ you can set authority levels and decided which file or folder your employees can or cannot view, change, edit or delete
  • The Archive can be viewed on mobile devices from anywhere via secured login when using WebArchive or our Hybrid Cloud solution.
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