Construction companies and architects

All your documents and revisions available - at the office and the construction site

  • Easy access to all relevant information, wherever and whenever
  • Viewing CAD files without a separate viewer

Architects are always on the move. In one busy day an architect discusses design sketches in the office together with colleagues, has an external meeting with financers, and is on the construction site to check progress. When working with colleagues, or external relations all information should be available wherever and whenever needed.

With our top-product RetSoft Archive Business+ you can be assured that you retrieve always the latest cost calculations out of your document system and discuss the right information with the financial planner. Or validate the latest construction proposals from the construction company. If you store your information locally or in the Cloud, make your meetings more efficient!

Benefits of RetSoft Archive

  • A single database for all types of files: scanned documents, Word, Excel, PDF and, or printed documents
  • Easy access to your information and powerful search intelligence to retrieve information. This not only saves time, it also reduces mistakes in work
  • The archive can be viewed on mobile devices from anywhere via secured login
  • Easy archiving of email communication with clients
  • With one mouse click you can send emails from RetSoft Archive via Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird
  • With RetSoft Archive Business+ you can set authority levels and decide which file or folder your employees can or cannot view or store
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