Manage your information from a single, centrally managed database

If so, RetSoft is the answer!

The RetSoft principle: all documents saved in a single central location. Whether they be invoices, contracts, drawings or emails.

Benefits of RetSoft

RetSoft: quick, simple and safe!

Experience the most user-friendly document management system for yourself.

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Why Retsoft?

Easy to Implement

Good Price & Quality

Info Found in No Time

Info Visible on Tablet / Smartphone

Info Well Secured / AVG Proof

All Types of Documents

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Before we started using RetSoft documents were sometimes lost because they were archived in the wrong folder, but this is not an issue anymore! Finding documents on name, but also on content makes sure documents can’t stay hidden.

Michel Onstenk


Metropolix Finance & Tax Professionals BV

We’ve scanned everything! All documents are available digitally and we don’t have any paper folders anymore!
Fantastic peace of software!

Joep Janssen