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It’s easy to find a system to store your documents in… It’s harder to find a system that is actually able to find the document you need fast! RetSoft does exactly this. Store your documents and then find them: fast, easy, safe.

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Hate it when you never find your files when you need them?

But you don't have the time to create another filing structure in a system? No problem with RetSoft! You can simply import your existing Windows folder structure and you are set! RetSoft will start indexing your files and you will never worry about not finding that file!

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Industry Solutions

Learn more about what RetSoft can do in your industry. Whether you are a law firm, active in the health or working in the construction industry RetSoft provides the right solution for you and your company.

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Satisfied Customers

We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a super friendly and easy to use application. But if you need support some time you can always rely on our professional support desk. Our customers have rated our support desk with a 4.8 out of 5!

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New Products

We now also offer flexible year-plans you can purchase per user. With our yearly plans you are always assurance of continuing updates and support of your RetSoft Archive Business Solution. 

If you are a small, or medium sized company please explore our new plans to see what it can do for you.

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Why Retsoft

  • A complete document archiving solution
  • Ultra-reliable text recognition engine
  • Fast, efficient and powerfull file retrieval
  • Hybrid cloud option available
  • Micosoft Office and Outlook integration
  • Flexible and scalable in every industry
  • 20+ years of experience in document solutions
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RetSoft database management platform

RetSoft, the global document solution provider, launches RetSoft Database Manager, a new way to manage and supervise documents in your organization.

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Before we started using RetSoft documents were sometimes lost because they were archived in the wrong folder, but this is not an issue anymore! Finding documents on name, but also on content makes sure documents can’t stay hidden.

Michel Onstenk


Metropolix Finance & Tax Professionals BV

We’ve scanned everything! All documents are available digitally and we don’t have any paper folders anymore! Fantastic peace of software!

Joep Janssen


Our Story

The first version of RetSoft was released in 1997, back then known as "RetSoft Scans & Sort". It was one of the first digital archives on the market. In those days you had to add your own keywords to your scans to find them. A massive enhancement at that time.

From the start in 1997 we continued to invest in our Text Recognition and Full Text Search capabilities and RetSoft become richer with new features as one system that manage digitally created documents, integration into Microsoft Office and many more.

Now, 20 years and over 20 versions later, RetSoft is used daily by thousands of users worldwide and millions of documents have been archived into RetSoft. Allowing companies to work faster and save money by never losing important archived documents.

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