Ideal for small to medium-sized offices, complete with text recognition (OCR). Contains 5 view licenses and one scan/archive licence. It is possible to purchase additional view licenses to give everyone access to the digital archive.

€ 595,00
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Suitable for companies where speed and security is an important requirement. Extended rights structure on secured folders and documents and a database with space for millions of documents. Purchase user and OCR licenses as needed.

€ 1.795,00
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Why RetSoft?

Why RetSoft?

RetSoft Archive is developed together with our customers. It contains all the functions necessary to quickly and easily set up a well-structured digital archive. RetSoft offers many features and has a modest price, which gives it a perfect price/performance ratio.

Save on costs

Save on costs

No more searching for your documents! With RetSoft archive you have instant access to all your documents whenever you need them. This gives you a direct time and resource advantage. Further, you save on expensive archive space and on printing unnecessary copies.

A digital archive, high security!

A digital archive, high security!

RetSoft Archive offers you a secure digital archive that meets all the legal requirements. The documents are encrypted on your pc or server and can only be opened by authorized persons. By making backups you also have access to your files in case of any emergency.

Digitaal archive versus DMS

Digital Archive versus DMS

RetSoft Archive is deliberately not a Document Management System (DMS). These are often complex and expensive systems that feature functionality that is hardly used in small and medium-sized enterprises. RetSoft Archive does include all the functionality associated with a complete digital archive. Therefore RetSoft Archive is used in both small-and large organizations; as a central archive or as an archive for some departments.

Choose the version that fits your organisation the best.

  Pro Expert
Database up to 200,000 documents Available Not available
Database up to 3.000.000 documents Not available Available
Supports all paper sizes Available Available
Scannning from one work station Available Available
Scanning from multiple work stations Not available Available
Scan directly to an inbox (*) Available Available
Bulk archiving (processing large amounts of documents) Available Available
Automated document processing with rules made by user Available Available
Network Functionalities
View archive from multiple work stations Available Available
Digital archive accessible by intra/internet (Web Archive) Not available Available
Optional Cloud storage Available Available
Import and export options
Import multipage TIFF, Office documents and PDF Available Available
Import images and photos Available Available
Export to PDF (**) Available Available
Export to MS Word format (**) Available Available
Export to Dropbox Available Available
File sync Not available Available
Other functionality
Import and store emails directly from MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird Available Available
Send documents by email directly from RetSoft Archive Available Available
Save to RetSoft button in MS Word en Excel Not available Available
Document printer - print a document direcly to the Archive Available Available
Access rights - configure who may see what in the Archive Not available Available
Audit log - a log of all actions taken by users in RetSoft Not available Available
Available add-ons (***)
Additional cloud storage - upload more to your cloud Available Available
Additional users - modify your archive with multiple users at the same time Not available Available
OCR - text recognition of scanned pages Available Available
Background OCR - perform OCR automatically when the CPU is idle (****) Not available Available
Shadow Archive Available Available
Template Management Available Available
Tracto - Automatic processing of barcodes Not available Available
CAD viewer - view CAD files directly in RetSoft Not available Not available

(*) The Inbox in RetSoft Archive links to a physical Windows folder.
(**) For exporting to searchable PDF or MS-Word you need the OCR Add-on.
(***) Needs to be licensed separately
(****) Background OCR only operates when RetSoft Archive is active and the computer is not locked
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